Saturday, December 21, 2019

Legal Aspects Of Dna Testing - 3367 Words

LaShay Robbins DNA Technologies FRSC 620.102 Research Paper Legal Aspects of DNA Testing and the Scientific Expert in Court DNA testing like many other tools in forensics to identify suspects has been through various evaluations to uncover its validity. These evaluations are necessary because the results of DNA testing can help to exclude, include, and can even be used to convict suspects. The weight of DNA testing is heavy in that can be used to alter a person’s life forever,hence, the legal movements for it to be validated. Some believed that the admissibility of DNA testing into the courts would violate privacy rights or could alert criminals to the evidence that could be left behind when they commit a crime. The arguments that†¦show more content†¦The proper training certificates, proficiency test results, curriculum vitae, employment history are some of the documents the courts use to qualify someone as a Scientific Expert. Through the education and experience they receive, a scientific expert should be able to explain and teach both lawyers and jurors how DNA testing work and how th ey were able to arrive at their results and conclusions. Their explanations and teachings may involve the use of presentations, literary references, and even scenarios that would help to view the advantages of evidence in every aspect without bias. One reason for exploring and determining the legal aspects of DNA testing is that there are so many factors involved. From sample collection to analyzing results, every step in processing must be handled with the greatest of care. Because DNA testing is now something that is looked for by jurors, the defense attorneys will go through every process used to make sure that proper procedures were followed and that there are no bias elements involved. For this reason, DNA testing procedures must be documented. Notes should be taken before, and during processing. A chain of custody document should also be used to keep an accurate log of the evidence. All of the burdens involved in the legal aspects of DNA testing however, does not fall on the Scientific Expert. The courts must also follow proper procedures to ensure a solid conviction. The proper channels should be investigated

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