Sunday, December 29, 2019

Saint Thomas Aquinas As A Man With An Unearthly Intellect...

Torrell Review Saint Thomas Aquinas is known by most as a man with an unearthly intellect. Throughout his brilliant life, he produced many works that have helped defend the Catholic church’s position against many atheistic arguments, specifically materialism. Because of his gifted intellect, at times, many may fail to recognize that in order for one to have such gifts, there needs to be a desire and firm commitment in their spiritual life to submit to the will of God. In Jean-Pierre Torrell’s proclamation of Aquinas spiritual life, Saint Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master, he addresses the importance and explains Aquinas’ transcendent mind in two sections: A Trinitarian Spirituality and Man in the World and Before God. This explanation is done is a similar style to Aquinas himself, in which, he writes in an ontological order so that the later context can be perfected by the earlier and visa-verse. This overview takes aim and clearly orientates Aquinas understanding of Nature, humanity, human society, politics, and fellowship through communication with God and each other. Essentially, one can find that Aquinas’ thought is not only rooted in the mystical teachings of the Catholic faith but is very practical and applicable to the physical and metaphysical worlds. In order to proceed with further explanation, it is import to give a summary of Aquinas’s spirituality and theology, as Torrell does. The reason being, as Torrell puts it, â€Å"’Spirituality’ is one of the vaguest terms

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